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Chloraka and Emba

Chloraka aerial image

Aerial view of Chloraka

Locality Name:

Chloraka or Khloraka (Greek Χλώρακα)


Population (2001):

Postal code:6020
11 Eleftherias Ave, 8220, Chlorakas

Chlorakas lays about 3 km north of Paphos. It is a large coastal village loaded with history, thrills and memories. As farmers till their land, very often unearth stone implements, axes and pottery which testify a possible Neolithic settlement, not yet disclosed. The remains of Rigaina's aqueduct, between the settlement and the sea, most probably constitute the last remains of a long aqueduct carrying water from the Mavrokolympos river to Paphos. Close to the village square, next to the modern church of Panagia Chryseleousa, stands the old medieval church of Panagia. This village is associated with the Struggle of Liberation (1955-59). On its coast Grivas, the EOKA leader, landed in 1954. And a few months later arrived the boat Agios Georgios, carrying ammunitions. This boat is currently kept under a shelter, while nearby lies a newly-constructed church devoted to Agios Georgios. Emba is located 4 km north of Paphos. It was a village where sugar-cane was cultivated during the Frankish times. The Byzantine church of Panagia Chryseleousa, three-aisled with two domes, is the most important monument of the village. Unfortunately, the original paintings of the 12th century are not preserved. Present day paintings as well as portable icons belong to the 15th and 16th centuries. About 150 m east of the village, following a narrow track, you can reach a vaulted chapel dedicated to St. George. Traces of paintings, belonging to the 16th century, prove that the chapel was originally entirely covered with the paintings.

Places to visit:

Byzantine church of Panagia Chryseleousa

Three - aisled with two domes. Its belfry is recent and relatively low, while an external staircase (something unusual for a church) leads to the roof. The interior of this stone­built church is rich in treasures and mural paintings. A holy Gospel, leather-bound, issued in Venice in 1539, is preserved in the sanctum. Unfortunately, the original paintings of the 12th century are not preserved. Present day paintings as well as portable icons belong to the 15th and 16th centuries. The visitor can observe, however, the successive strata of mural paintings. The 17th century iconostasis contains some icons dated 1736 A.D. with an earlier one belonging to Saint Symeon Stylites. A noteworthy icon is that of Christ holding a Gospel in his left hand. Some specialists consider this icon as one of the most beautiful icons of Cyprus. The paintings are very interesting with the impressive Christ Pantokrator on the dome surrounded by Angels. A fresco representing the miracle of fishing is worth noting. In the boat, there are six apostles carrying a net full of fish, while Peter kneels before Christ. St. George Chapel Vaulted chapel dedicated to St. George. The chapel was originally entirely covered with the paintings and traces of paintings, belonging to the 16th century, prove that. The sanctum is square, round a holy stone altar. Most probably used as tombs before, there are three recesses in the north, south and east walls. This chapel lies close to a rocky surface, surrounded by asphodels, cyclamens and giant fennels.

Tombs of the Kings - Paphos

This large necropolis is located about two kilometres north-west of Paphos harbour in Cyprus. Many of these underground tombs date back to the 4th century BC. They are carved out of the solid rock, and are believed to have been the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high officials up to 3 CE. There were no kings buried here and the name comes from the magnificence of the tombs. Some of the tombs feature Doric columns and frescoed walls. Archaeologists are still carrying their excavations on the site. The tombs are cut into the natural rock, and sometimes resemble the houses of the living.


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